‘Jade Speaks Up’  is an 8 minute animated film featuring a classroom session, where children are learning how to keep themselves and others safe from violence. The story follows 9 year-old Jade, who is struggling with some tensions at home. The messages are accompanied by cool music and lyrics, which highlight the core thoughts, “I have the right to be safe”, “breathe, think and do” and “who will help me keep safe?” Alongside this film, are three manuals for guiding the use of this resource; one for classroom teachers/social workers for children aged 7-14, one for therapists working with children impacted by family violence with the third for facilitators of programmes for parents. These are clear session plans, ensuring that the work correlates well with best practice around safely supporting children (or parents) to explore the complex issues of violence prevention. “Jade Speaks Up”; children making choices to keep themselves and others safe. This animated DVD,  plus facilitator’s programme guides and is also useful to other professionals working with vulnerable children and their families.  It has already been well received by professionals as a much needed resource and practical set of tools for children of Aotearoa and particularly those who have been impacted by family violence.

And… some good news… we have now got a version for Australia which was launched at the BOFA Conference in Tasmania last November!  Watch our pages for ordering details for the Australian version soon.