Ordering Jade Speaks Up resources

There are two ways that you can access the Jade Speaks Up:

    1.  You can purchase a flashdrive for $80.00 (including GST and postage and handling).

    Contents of JSU flashdrive:

    Jade Speaks Up animated movie 12 mins (updated 2019) and trailer for movie (3 mins).

    Jade in Schools:  Two documentaries (17 mins and 5 mins) featuring students, teachers, principals and professionals such as police and psychologist talking about the impact and need for the programme.

    Sample manual for teachers, photo from a teacher training course.

    Student work:  Spoken rap created and performed by two Year 7 students from Waikowhai Intermediate after participating in the JSU programme.

    Extra resources:  Breathe, Think Do in Te Reo and sign language.

    Posters: Breathe Think Do in 8 different languages.

    SKIP parenting tips - six principles of effective discipline (bi-lingual)

    This resource is only available to registered counsellors, social workers and schools already trained in the JSU system.

    2.  You can engage the Jade Speaks Up team for a course of teacher preparation for implementing the JSU programme.

    There are two options of online and face to face preparation for teacher delivery:

    • A day of on-line or face to face interactive coaching for teachers to implement Modules 1-3 student wellbeing, exploring emotional literacy, trust, self calming and resilience.
    • A day of face to face interactive coaching for teachers to implement Modules 4-6 covering safety planning, family harm, making wise choices and being an active bystander.  Only available for those schools who have completed Modules 1-3.

    Who is the coaching day designed for?  Teachers, senior management team, pastoral care, representatives of social services in your community.

    Face to face coaching for teachers is available for all courses and mandatory for the Modules 4-6.

    Face to face In-house coaching can be offered for your school and community.  Travel and accommodation costs for the two trainers will be an additional cost if applicable.

    Contact us for costings and book dates by emailing us here