Jade Speaks Up Trust offers training which will support you in the facilitation of the Jade Speaks Up resource.


We provide training for teachers of Years 5-8 classes and support staff as well as agencies associated with schools.  The training covers:

  • Foundation Course (5 hrs): Interactive processes as in sample manual to include the students in experiential learning of emotional literacy, trust, self-calming strategies, safety plans, bystander vs upstanding behaviours, making wise choices.
  • Both of the following programmes build on this foundation:
    Jade Speaks Up (5 hours): course about family harm and safety plans, understanding strategies around family harm, bystander vs upstanding behaviours, making safe choices.
    You Good? You Good! (5 hours): understanding anxiety and stress, developing strategies for managing anxiety.
  • Online evaluation tools for monitoring children’s well-being within the JSU programme.
  • Planning for classroom implementation.
  • Creating safety for approaching the topic of violence.
  • Understanding family harm and how it impacts on children.
  • Supporting students who are experiencing emotional or uncomfortable responses.
  • Dealing with disclosures of family violence.
  • Next step- when are referrals needed.

Here are some questions to ponder prior to booking a training session:

What are the main reasons for using the Jade Speaks Up resource within your organisation?

  • What processes/policies does your school have in place around the issue of child protection/disclosure of family harm?
  • What type of support does your school need to keep teachers and students safe? safety checklist for schools
  • Which support staff, management staff and outside agencies will attend the training alongside your teaching staff?

A school may undertake the JSU system only when agreements on the above three questions are in place.  The Jade Speaks Up team agree to the introduction of the JSU system to a school only after they have carefully assessed that the support and safety systems are in place.

Our Professional Learning Development is conducted by a combination of online and in person sessions. Click here to send us an email if interested in booking a training for your school.

Options for Training

1 to 2 Days

Online or in-person depending on the needs and requirements of support


We establish a supervision/peer support process for staff using the material


In-person training would need to consider travel and accommodation costs as well as training fees


We have highly experienced facilitators and trainers who have been active in this field of education and interactive learning over many years. depending on your needs for training we will forward the names of trainers available to you.

Key Trainers

Elaine Dyer, Director of Jade Speaks Up Trust and Andrea O'Hagan, Director of Positive Change, Whakatane.

Jennifer Martinez

I highly recommend the training for any group that is going to deliver Jade Speaks Up. It’s an opportunity for the team to learn together and have a shared understanding of the content and process. It will only strengthen the team to deliver a success programme. Andrea and Elaine were approachable and friendly facilitators, it made the learning easy and… Read more “Jennifer Martinez”

The Logos Project Marist Youth Development School Programme’s Leader

Intermediate SENCO

Jade Speaks Up makes it OK for letting students at risk know that they are not the only one living in these situations and the programme is really good for opening up the students to the opportunities to tell their stories

Michelle Clayton and Linda Cooper

Creating the resource Jade Speaks up was a real community effort ably led by Elaine Dyer and her team at Violence Free Waitakere, bringing together expertise from across the West Auckland Family Violence Sector. Family Action was pleased to have been involved in the co-creation of the resource from inception. The clinical team use Jade Speaks Up extensively within the… Read more “Michelle Clayton and Linda Cooper”

Family Action CEO and Auckland City Councillor

Teacher from Te Ara Koropiko West Spreydon School

I have been waiting 6 years for a programme like this that addresses the high needs in our school , impacted by the triple trauma of earthquake, shootings and Covid-19. The JSU programme uniquely  caters for all, including the students with complex needs, those with trauma, and those in stable home lives. The programme allows all to participate and shine.

Deborah Sim

Thank you for telling me about and introducing me to the Jade Speaks Up Programme. As a family law barrister, I have seen the consequences of family violence and unresolved conflict in many family/whanau and other relationship situations. I have witnessed the distress and damage caused to children and understand how seriously this can impact their development and future wellbeing.I… Read more “Deborah Sim”

Barrister and Children's advocate

Social Workers in Schools attached to four participating schools

JSU captures children who otherwise wouldn’t come to the attention of services.  It is a non-identifying approach for whole classes to open up issues. It is a great opportunity to find out about how all domains are for children who can present as if everything is ok in their life

David King

Jade Speaks Up is the programme with an explicit focus on keeping safe and Waikowhai Intermediate is embedding JSU into our delivery of the Health curriculum. JSU brings classes together and teachers see the improvements in student language to deal with issues. The programme fits very well culturally with the demographic of the school. It fits very well being woven… Read more “David King”

Principal of Waikowhai Intermediate, 2019 after 3 years of implementing JSU

Jacqueline Graham–Barley

Providing an environment where children are safe and do not live in fear is what we would like to think is the norm in our communities. Sadly this is not the case. Many children live with frightening moments in their lives, to many this is normal. They do not know how to put their concerns into words, or with whom… Read more “Jacqueline Graham–Barley”

MB Ch B, FRNZCGP, FRACGP, Diploma Obstetrics and gynaecology, Diploma Farm Health. Advanced Diploma Dermatology Advanced Diploma Skin cancer medicine and Surgery, Retired GP, Retired Senior Lecturer Central Queensland School of Medicine

Dr Russell Wills

New Zealand has exceptionally high rates of family violence and child abuse compared to the rest of the world. Even if not physically assaulted, violence is profoundly harmful to children in the short- and long-term. The cost to our society and economy is enormous. Māori are over-represented among both perpetrators and victims. Family violence is our national shame. There are… Read more “Dr Russell Wills”

Paediatrician, Hawke’s Bay District Health Board. Former Children’s Commissioner.

Lisa Sell

I attended the “Jade Speaks Up” training at Kaitangata Primary School in January 2020.
This primary school is one I am assigned to in the Clutha District as a Public Health Nurse and so I know the school and community well.
At the end of 2019 it became evident that the school was having to manage and help… Read more “Lisa Sell”

Southern District Health Board

Eve Tonkin

I just had to put pen to paper to express my gratitude to you for the extraordinary programme that you have created. Jade Speaks Up is very different to any health programme that we have ever had anything to do with because it is holistic, emotionally intelligent and authentic for each who participates in it.
The depth, breadth and… Read more “Eve Tonkin”

Principal Timatanga Community School